Naomi Timperley

Naomi Timperley

Naomi Timperley

Tech North Advocates

Keynote Speaker

I see the bigger picture – one that is far, far bigger than my own personal ambitions.

I am outward and forward-looking; generous by nature and innovative in thought. I take what seems difficult to understand, unfamiliar and even frightening or threatening to the rest of us and translate it into a thing that could help a business. 

I am a translator, mediator, enabler and fixer. I am a bridge-builder. In business, bridge-builders are essential. I can connect dots, I see the world as a network board, all lit up with flashing lights, and can see who needs what and when and where.

I do this because the combination of those two things, of bringing those two people together, of passing on that email, of making that introduction, of working to promote that tricky idea to that new audience, will be better for everyone.

I don’t create a temporary connection – I forge a lasting link, a bridge that others can cross in the future, again and again, a connection that turns on a light that will help lots of people see something more clearly.

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